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10.00 LBS

 Product Description

We offer an industrial-strength and multipurpose water wetter that is good for cooling racing engines; fighting blazes; controlling dust on construction sites and for protecting water tanks from rust and corrosion. This professional-grade liquid-engineering formula can be used as coolant for cars as it possesses exceptional cooling power. Its high-grade rust and corrosion resistance properties make it just perfect for use in water tanks. It is super-powerful as fire-fighting agent and this liquid-engineering can also help in controlling flying dust on landfill sites, construction sites, helipads, roads and surface mines and other areas wherever dust problem is found.


The biggest advantage of our industrial-grade multipurpose product is that it is made biodegradable. With no chemicals or synthetic elements included in the liquid, it is 100% safe for human, animals, plant life and the environment. It is made with natural ingredients and its biodegradability is tested before certifying it as a biodegradable product. It is a green product that can be put to multiple uses. Add it to coolant of your car to bring the engine temperate down by 30 degrees Fahrenheit without using thermostat temperature controller. This product is much better than glycol-based antifreeze agents. Our product works naturally and remain safe till is degrades into environment.


Engine coolant


Keeping engines cool is the biggest challenge before automobile makers. Engine is so designed that it helps in keeping the engine cool but still the chambers generate high heat. Adding coolant is the only way to reduce engine heat but coolant also has its limitations. A coolant is a liquid developed to reduce temperature but it can’t work in high heat areas. It when motorists need our professional-grade and super-strength liquid. This industrial-strength liquid can easily bring engine temperature down by 30 degree Fahrenheit. Add our liquid engine coolant to the racing engine of your car and enjoy the thrill of speed without any worries.


Our product is different from what you find in market. It is developed with a professional-grade formula that is good at reducing engine heat in no time. Where other glycol-base liquid coolants could lose their strength, our engine formula provides satisfactory results. It works better than traditional coolants as it is developed with a special formula and it is developed by chemists with good knowledge on cooling technology. The effect of industrial-strength coolant can be felt soon after adding the liquid coolant to the engine; it will become cool after getting the professional-grade coolant.


In addition to keeping the engine cool, this coolant also protects the engine against rust and corrosion. It keeps the engine in excellent condition even when the engine becomes a heating chamber. Once this coolant is added to the engine, the latter becomes cool enough to run smoothly. Engine cooling is important than any other matter as heat can cause much damage to the engine and using a coolant is the only way to keep it cool. We provide the best for automobile cooling and out product is simply the best it terms of functioning and affordability.


Fire wetter


Fire-fighting needs lots of water with pressure normal water isn’t able to break the blaze. It simply gets burnt on coming into high heat. The water is unable to create any pressure on the flames hence it takes much time in controlling flames with water pressure. But there is a way to douse fire with water. Add a little amount of our industrial-based liquid fire wetter to the water and see the difference between normal water and the water with professional-grade wetter. Shower water that is improved with the professional-grade wetter and douse the high flames within seconds.


The industrial-grade and super-strength wetter can will improve the fire-fighting power of the water. Only a little amount is sufficient to increase the strength of water to douse fire. This liquid formula is much better than other formulas available in market. Our formula is simple as it is natural and the biggest strength of the formula is that it is biodegradable. It isn’t like others that are harmful and toxic. We have developed a safe formula for human and for environment. Fire-fighting job becomes pretty easy with the help of our industrial-grade formula. The moment the powerful water is thrown on the flames, the blaze starts slowing.


Mix our industrial-grade water wetting formula with the water and in this way; improve the fire-fighting efforts. Normal water is unable to break the shield of blaze but when mixed with the industrial-grade and super-strength formula, it gives extra strength to the water. The water suppresses the flames as the industrial-grade liquid formula increases strength of water and prevents the high heat from turning the water into vapor once it comes into contact with high heat. Water is needed for fire-fighting but nor normal water as it isn’t suitable for dousing flames.


Dust control


Construction work is going on in full swing. Fine dust is used for construction building but the dust flies with air. Similar problem comes with road work and also at other places like helipad, surface mines and landfill sites. Fine dust can easily mix with water and create a dense fog like situation that becomes it difficult to breathe easy. It is a difficult situation as fine dust isn’t good for health. The only way to remove dust from air is to settle the dust with moisture. The dust particles will soak the water molecules and become heavy and settle down.


Mix our industrial-grade liquid power with water before using the water power over the dust particles. Powered by a professional-grade liquid, the water will easily bring the fine dust particles down to earth. There will be no dust flying around after the super-strong water power is showered on the dust particles. This is the way dust is settled on golf courses, baseball grounds and other open spaces. But simple water doesn’t help as expected but when the water is powered by our industrial-strength liquid; it becomes a professional-grade dust settling liquid and does an excellent job.


Turf penetrant


Improve grass and lawns with the help of our industrial-grade water treatment formula. Simple water can’t homogenize nitrogen fertilizer absorption in the soil. But our industrial-grade water formula can. It can be used for treating lawns. With our professional-grade for formula, you can easily improve the functionality of lawn. Its advantage is that it prevents corrosion of soil on hilly terrains. Wetting ground with our industrial-grade water makes sense as it can easily make the surface smooth. It enhances wetting tendencies of soil so that the soil remains moist for long time. The professional grade formula keeps the soil moist.


Why use our formula?


Our professional-grade and super-strength formula is 100% safe. It is made biodegradable. The water formula mixes well with soil and sits in the ground. Since it is a biodegradable product, there is no need to worry about the product as it won’t turn the soil toxic. It is what makes our product different from others. Where others fail to work, our formula works perfectly. Whether you use it as a coolant or as a fire-fighting agent or a dust control formula, it is just best and safe for human and the environment.   


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